Hi!! I'm Ralph. I sing, play guitar, drums and working on the ukelele. My instruments get smaller and smaller as I get older and older.

 I currently play covers of current pop & rock songs, along with a special collection from the past. I'm striving to NOT be the typical acoustic performer playing the typical acoustic selection. I want to be unique in my song selection, yet still have everyone be familiar with what I'm doing. Basically, there's at least a billion songs on Earth right now, why do I have to play all the same ones everyone else is playing?? I DON'T!!!... But of course I will if necessary. Just trying to mix it up is all!!!

This site is a work in progress so please bear with me.... or bare with me if your naked.... I digress... often.

... so please beer with me.. get it??

Upcoming Events...

Please come back often!!